Art exhibition to support oncology patients opened in Latvia February 14, 2018

On 14 February, the third exhibition to support oncology patients within “Art Wins!” project was opened at “Global Virotherapy Cancer Clinic” in Jūrmala, Jaunā iela 12.

The exhibition displays 13 artworks that gained recognition in the competition organised by the Virotherapy Foundation which aims to create artwork collection that brings joy and inspire people to fight against the illness.

Not only oncology patients, but also artists from Latvia and other countries have shown support to this competition. In the exhibition, there is also artwork by Līva Pakalne, artist living in Italy, titled “I Love You Pill’ (“Es Tevi mīlu tablete”). Artist about her work and participation in the project: “Art plays an important role because we as artists have the opportunity to bring our message and help the society see oncology issues through a painting or any other means of art. Only us have the right to choose the way how we want to fight for a fulfilling life. If art will save the world, modern medicine will save humans.”

Interesting that the opening day of the exhibition falls on the same day when we will commemorate the eight anniversary of the passing of the distinguished Aina Muceniece who found treatment against cancer and the second anniversary of Aina Muceniece Virotherapy Foundation. Since its establishment on 14 February 2016, the Foundation has helped co-finance treatment courses for over 100 cancer patients, including treatment for children which was fully funded. In Summer 2017, the Foundation organised expedition in the Alps where eight oncology patients took up the challenge to reach the top of Mont Blanc to prove other cancer patients in the world that cancer is not a death sentence.

The Foundation’s mission is to remind people that every cancer patient has the right to get better and live a fulfilling life. Meanwhile, the art competition is like a messenger of the Foundation through which oncology patients and artists create artworks that inspire.

“Global Virotherapy Cancer Clinic” Director Jānis Dobelis stresses: “It is not enough for a modern-day man to only feed their body, they also need to feed their spirit. And spirit is what helps people fight and overcome themselves and their illnesses, including cancer. The works submitted to the Virotherapy Foundation’s “Art Wins!” project are like a feast for the eyes that opens our minds to new ideas and gives us surge of positive emotions that benefit the recovery process.

The exhibited works will be on display until May 1 after which they will be exchanged with other artworks from the competition. We would like to remind everyone that the competition is on-going and every artist or aspiring artist is welcome to submit their new artworks that are created to help inspire people to fight against oncological illnesses and to win the battle. Once a year, the Virotherapy Foundation will choose three works to award with prizes: the first place will be awarded with 4000 euro, the second with 2000 euro and the third with 1000 euro. During the competition, several incentive prizes will also be awarded.