Balanced life. Loving children. I never thought that the dreadful oncologic diagnosis would ever be related to me… But it happened… Surgery, chemotherapy, radiation therapy, and again chemo therapy. I stayed in bed all the time. That was when I decided to start treatment with virotherapy. And then finally I believed in miracles! After just a month I believed in life again. Staying in bed was in the past. I was able to live my life again, work, travel and see that life goes on. I am forever thankful to you for giving me my life back!

Zoja Sokolova discusses her fight with stage 3 uterine cancer using oncolytic virotherapy since early 2012. Zoja Sokolova is a virotherapy patient from St.Petersbourg, who is dealing with stage 3 uterine cancer since late 2011. After she almost died at the end of 2011, she luckily found out about virotherapy and travelled, or rather was transported to Riga, where she began virotherapy in early 2012. The medicine used was a live, natural virus, discovered by Latvian scientist Aina Muceniece.