The premiere for a film about the cancer patient’s road to the highest peak in the European Alps – “Another taste of life”. August 11, 2018

On 10th of August in Riga, the premiere took place for the film about the cancer patients climb to reach the highest peak of the European Alps – “Another taste of life”, made by Aina Muceniece Virotherapy Foundation and film studio “Jura Podnieka Studija”.

The film was taken last summer when eight cancer patients took climb to the highest peak of European Alps – Mont Blanc to prove to themselves and to the world that everything is achievable in the world if patients choose to treat cancer with safe and effective treatment methods.

The film was premiered in the presence of all eight cancer patients, film makers and guests. After watching the film, spectators have expressed that film makers have been able to perfectly reflect the full range of expeditions and patient’s emotions throughout the two week climb. The participants of the climb also admitted that watching the film reintroduced the emotions a year ago and made trough the climb again as the first time. Participants also acknowledged that they would accept and get away with challenge like this again in order to inspire other cancer patients around the world. The aim of the film is to be an inspiration for cancer patients around the world, as it demonstrates that this disease can be overcome and reach the personal and global peaks. The film’s spectators admitted that the film has achieved its goal, with the true story and the real emotions, everyone are touched and ponders how present we are at a given moment in life, how we value what we have in life and how qualitatively we live our lives actually.

The film will be available soon around the world. Follow the further information in our website or social media profiles.