Thank you to Inese Apine-Ritenberga for her letter where she shares her thoughts on her mother’s experience with virotherapy!

Good evening!

I would like to share my experience with virotherapy.
In 1995, my mother was diagnosed with stage III melanoma. She had to undergo a surgery. Later on, doctors discovered lymphatic metastases in her armpits and stomach. Yet another surgery. Then we had the chance to meet Professor Aina Muceniece. Regardless of the doubts she had about the results, she decided to start the treatment with virotherapy. She often performed blood tests which she analysed and then determined the next steps in treatment process. Up until the passing of the professor, we constantly kept in touch with her and she monitored my mother.
22 years have gone by since the surgery and my mother is 92 years old. She has some aging-related health issues but nothing of oncological nature.
I am forever grateful to the professor because her oncolytic virus saved my mother’s life. Considering how effective virotherapy is, the professor treated also lung cancer patients with it that showed positive results (I knew this patient personally as I was the one who recommended him to seek the professor’s help and she did not say no).
Good luck in helping patients!

Best regards,
Inese Apine-Ritenberga

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