The wife’s story of her husband’s experience with virotherapy. The patient and the author of this letter are known to us, but per request of the involved persons, we only publish their names.

Ingrīda about her husband Juris:

My husband would have died long time ago, if he would not use virotherapy.

In 2012, in Germany, Juris was diagnosed with prostate cancer with evaluation 8 that was rapidly growing. He had three large lymphatic glands in his stomach. The doctors did not advise to perform any surgeries.

Their estimate was that my husband could live approximately two years, not more. Back then, the PSA increased by 20 units per month, reaching 96, and the hormonal therapy could not stop it.

We decided to start virotherapy treatment. Virotherapy injections stopped development of tumours. After a year, the two large lymphatic glands ceased, and after 2 years, also the last one. The growth pace of prostate cancer increased, but very slowly. The virotherapy injections gave us a year free of hormone therapy that has many side effects.

Financially, it was not possible for us to use virotherapy, therefore we reduced it to once in 3 months which was a mistake. We had to return to hormone therapy and virotherapy the combination of which normalised PSA and consequently we could use virotherapy only.

I know other people who have used virotherapy.

For example, the chimney-sweep of our house has also been diagnosed with prostate cancer and he has the same results as my husband. Moreover, I know a scientist, whose name, however, I cannot disclose, who all her life was against the virus theory in the aetiology of cancer, but when she was diagnosed with breast cancer herself, she started using virotherapy and won the cancer.

Unfortunately, virotherapy is not an option to everybody, this should be changed as soon as possible.

Yours faithfully,


Story of a family member about experience with virotherapy. The patient and the author of this letter are personally known to us, but per request of the involved persons we will not disclose their identity:

Tumour was discovered one year and four months ago in urinary bladder.
The patient is very old, 93 years of age, therefore she decided to undergo the virotherapy course that is a more gentle cancer treatment method.
After discovering the tumour, the patient experienced great weakness, sweating, weight loss.
After the first three months of virotherapy, the patient felt better. Her appearance improved, sweating ceased and weight was gained back.
The results of blood tests were good after three months. USG did not show increase of the tumour.
The patient is being treated with virotherapy for a year now, and the results of tests are good.


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