Aivars Tenis Kalniņš was diagnosed with cancer in summer 2015. For around two years, he suffered from hoarseness but he did not see a doctor up until the moment he had almost completely lost his voice. After extensive tests, it was discovered that he has stage III laryngeal cancer. The doctors immediately wanted to hospitalise him, perform a surgery and radiation therapy.

Shortly before his admission to the hospital, he told about his diagnosis to his colleagues and accidentally found out about virotherapy which consequently made him lean towards choosing this cancer treatment as it is more considerate.

Soon after, the patient made an appointment to see a doctor and by the end of the summer he started intense virotherapy treatment. Aivars Tenis Kalniņš notes that already after 3 months of the therapy he could feel his health has improved. The hoarseness was less intense, he felt good and did not experience any side effects. Half a year later, the tumour had stopped growing and metastases had disappeared.

Today, he has no complaints, and the test results are good. He admits that the overall treatment process was very successful. For his age (he is 70 years old), he is still able to work and enjoy life.

Aivars Tenis Kalniņš says: “You should appreciate the fact that modern medicine offers different types of treatment, including virotherapy. You should not feel pressured to do what one doctor has told you offering the traditional treatment method; instead, consider various possibilities and choose the therapy that fits you best. In my case, it was virotherapy which I definitely would recommend for all to try. I am happy to share my experience and I hope that it might help someone else to get back on their feet.”