Film “Another Taste of Life” premiered in North Caucasus September 7, 2018

On 7 August this year, National Library of Grozny became the venue for the second premiere of the film created by Aina Muceniece Virotherapy Foundation and Juris Podnieks Studio about cancer patients climb to the highest peak of the European Alps in Mont Blanc – “Another Taste of Life”.

The film was taken last summer when eight cancer patients took climb to the highest peak of European Alps – Mont Blanc to prove to themselves and to the world that everything is achievable in the world if patients choose to treat cancer with safe and effective treatment methods.

North Caucasus is the motherland of Solizhan Elsunkayev, participant of the expedition “Climb for Cancer” therefore this country is very special and significant for the exhibition of the film before it is available to all viewers across the globe. Another member of the courageous group present at the event was 76 years old Jevgeny Odincov, who emerged as one of the most persistent climbers in the film.

The premiere was attended also by the founders of the Virotherapy Foundation, Jurģis Auziņš – grandson of Aina Muceniece, her great grandson Kristaps Reinholds, as well as representatives of the local cultural establishment, creative arts and social leadership.

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