Džemma Skulme to oncology patients: “Reach for joy and be inspired by it!” January 22, 2018

One of the most distinguished Latvian artists Džemma Skulme is not only an excellent painter, but also very warm-hearted person who cares about other people’s well-being which is why the painter submitted one of her artworks “All Day Sun” (“Saule visu dienu”) for the artwork competition of the Aina Muceniece Virotherapy Foundation in support of oncology patients in their fight against the illness. All the submitted works will be displayed in medical institutions where they will help patients in their fight against the illness.

Her artwork was also evaluated by the evaluation committee awarding the artist with an incentive prize. Other artists who received such prizes were Adriana Vīgnere and Vera Bondare.For two of the artists, Džemma Skulme and Adriana Vīgnere, the support provided to oncology patients plays a crucial role as cancer and loss is something both of their families had to deal with.

When Džemma Skulme received her prize, she shared some of her thoughts on art. She said:“Now, art for me has become as a process and it is more like a search for something; the question whether I will find the answer has now escalated to a sort of a scientific level and I, in my naive mind, naive as a scientist and not as a painter, seek for the answer and think that my finding is something great. It is not easy to paint. Everything changes; my painting has changed over time as well. In my previous work, nature did not play a big part in my paintings, however, now it has a strong presence and it seeks to be transformed and materialised through paint. Possibilities are endless, all you need to do is to seize them.”

The painting that the artist submitted for the exhibition in one of the medical institutions also depicts nature motifs, particularly, the Sun. Džemma Skulme stressed that for a painter, art is a tool with which they can influence the viewer giving them the possibility to see a different world.Džemma Skulme: “Same as with life, art also faces threats and fears which in the end must be overcome. That is where the power of creating stems from. And we also need to find this power of creating when going through treatment, and when we need to win the illness. The Sun and its light depicted in the painting hopefully will help in difficult situations as the Sun is the symbol of eternity and life which inspires and spiritually enlightens.”

In addition, the painter expressed her wish for the patients: “You will find it in you, regularly do what you have to do and you will reach the result; you will have it because it is ought to be that way; that is how it is intended to be. The moment when it happens is wonderful. You feel an overwhelming sense of happiness. You just have to wait for the moment of happiness and be ready to seize it. But the creators of this happiness are ourselves — you have to do everything, push yourself as far as you can and focus as hard as a trapeze artist. People are given the opportunity to do anything, but people are lazy and this laziness must be overcome. It is hard but definitely doable.That is how we are meant to live. The same goes for an illness — in order to achieve something, you just have to do things; sometimes it will be painful but if you fail, you just have to fight through the pain and take your life back in your own hands.”

Artwork competition “Art Wins!” organised by the Foundation still continues and every artist and art enthusiast is welcome to submit their new works which would inspire patients during their fight against oncological illnesses and to win the battle. For submission, artworks can be created using different techniques. More information: www.virotherapyfoundation.org under section “Competition”.

Džemma Skulme “All Day Sun”

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