In 2011, Zoia was diagnosed with a rapidly progressing uterine cancer. She had a surgery and was then prescribed with chemotherapy and radiation therapy. The chemotherapy course was not finished as her health condition worsened drastically and as a result, Zoia was bedridden and close to death. Virotherapy was her last hope. Zoia was transported in lying position from Saint Petersburg to Latvia to start her treatment.
The virotherapy course was successful. Due to the fast effect of medicines, the patient was able to return to her normal daily life and move freely already one month later. Now cancer has been conquered and Zoia describes her general condition as very good.

Zoia tells about her motivation to participate in “Climb for Cancer”:

Mont Blanc ascent is my new challenge and an opportunity to get out of my comfort zone. Thanks to virotherapy, my life goes on and reaching the top would be another small victory, both moral and physical. I know — cancer is not a verdict!