Solyzhan was diagnosed with kidney cancer by the end of 2015. In his family two people became ill simultaneously: Solyzhan himself and his cousin. Both cases were severe. Solyzhan’s sister was treated with chemotherapy and unfortunately lost the battle. Solyzhan had several metastases in his kidneys and had one kidney removed, yet he purposefully chose virotherapy. In less than a year Solyzhan had experienced great changes: cancer was overcome and all metastases had disappeared; he could live a completely normal life. As he himself says: he feels great at the moment!

Solyzhan shares about his motivation to participate in “Climb for Cancer”:

Solyzhan is an enthusiast of virotherapy because his life was saved by oncolytic virus created by the Latvian scientist Aina Muceniece. In her honour, his granddaughter was named Aina. According to Chechen national traditions, grandchildren are named by grandparents. His wishes to dedicate his climb exactly to these two women: developer of virotherapy virus and his granddaughter, both named Aina.

Mr Solyzhan is also a believer and wishes to reach the peak of Mont Blanc to overcome himself and pray to his Creator at the top and ask Him to stop the wars in the world and the great resources used in this process so that these would be rather used for treatment of people and prevention of starvation.