Krystynas motivation to participate in the “ Climb against Cancer”:

As such an opportunity occurred, I would like to show the world what a life of a patient with this diagnosis and in the process of virotherapy could be. In order to make you finally understand that virotherapy is indeed an effective treatment method, rather than just a temporary salvation! That there are no complications or side effects; that it is not a temporary placebo.
I would like to support other patients and, using personal example, to tell that cancer  — and melanoma in particular  — is not a verdict, but rather a diagnosis, which can and should be treated! However, it should be done timely and properly! Exactly treating and not killing your immune system by unnecessary chemotherapy and radiation, leaving it no chance! After all, melanoma is resistant to these methods; they just accelerate the progress of the disease and poison your organism.
Virotherapy helped me, bringing the life back. I would like to help other patients by spreading information about virotherapy, the methodology, and possibilities of modern medicine.
Since my story is highly illustrative and, unfortunately, few patients want to talk about their disease and treatment, I endeavor to use every opportunity to help others in finding the right way to fight, to take the smallest chance to survive.
This is my first climb. I have never climbed in mountains. But I will do it for virotherapy! I really hope that we are going to make it.