Dainis Belovs “An owl in a tree hollow” (89 x 63 cm)

Brief information on the artwork:
Dainis is now interested in animals and has submitted the artwork “An owl in a tree hollow” for this competition. Dainis has made this simple scene very dynamic and unusual, allowing every spectator to discover something new.

About the author:
Dainis Belows is disabled since childhood and has different cognitive and socialisation disorders. Dainis is unable to communicate in the ways we are used to and without an assistant he cannot orientate himself in a social space. The only way for him to “speak” is to use visually plastic art tools and he has been doing that since childhood. He has found a way how to express himself and open up his internal and external world to the others.
The life of Dainis is the proof that a person with so limited abilities can still create so much.

Artwork received from Aina Muceniece Virotherapy Foundation 200 Euros premium in adult competition section.