Una Lekuze “Caravaggio motif” (60 x 61 cm)

Short information about the author:

The author has graduated Department of Painting at the Art Academy of Latvia. She works by using the oil painting technique, as well as creates figural compositions, portraits, paints nude figures, still life, landscapes. She has studied and excellently learned human plastic anatomy. In her drawings, the author uses various techniques, pencil, ink and quill on paper and fabric, as well as charcoal, monotype, etching and lithography. Her first personal exhibition took place in 2012. Her works are kept in private collections in Latvia, Netherlands, Sweden, USA, Australia and elsewhere.

Short information about the work:

For the author, Baroque has always been a favoured art period, for it encompasses abundance and flourishing, with a hint of exaggeration, well-represented by motifs of Caravaggio’s works.