Mareks Odumiņš “At the Foot of the Mountain” (40 x 60 cm)

Short description about the author:

Mareks is 28 years young guy who has lived all his life as an ordinary man going through his daily routines. One day, his life turned upside down. Mareks had an unlucky dive the impact of which broke his neck and paralysed his body. For a moment, it seemed that his life had stopped but it was not the case! Mareks believes that all of us can live our lives and keep going despite any obstacles! Human beings can do anything. All you need is determination!
Mareks: “After my accident I found God who now gives me strength. God has given talent to every one of us but we have to look for it because it is hidden away like a treasure chest. I have not stopped at what I have achieved. I constantly continue to grow in order to reach even better results!”

Short description about the artwork:

Mareks describes his paintings as very vibrant and positive just like himself. He puts a piece of him in every painting be it an emotional experience, love, joy, uneasiness or anything else. With every artwork he wishes to show us that we can do anything if we put our minds to it.