Sanita Vatvare “Two Parallels” ( 120 cm x 180 cm)

Brief information on the artwork:

Diptih has been the inspiration of the author. The artwork “Two Parallels” displays a story about a person who not only asks questions like “Where do I come from and where do I go? Why does it happen to me this way and not differently? Can I change my life?”, but also finds answers to the questions.
There are two realities in the world: our 1% reality of darkness and the 99% reality of light.
In the artwork, the black colour symbolises the world a person can perceive with the five sense organs or the reality of 1%. It is the kingdom of mental obscurantism and chaos where Murphy’s law rules.
In the 99% world, Murphy’s law cannot be observed. If we live in connection with the 99% world, our lives bring us fulfilment and eternal energy, and the world seems bright and beautiful.

About the author:

Previously, the author was mainly painting women, flowers and horses. She has participated at exhibitions in Riga, Rēzekne, Talsi, Saldus, and Jaunpils.

She has decided to dedicate her creative activities to the matters of two basic realities and questions of a human in a human.