Sandris Štāls “Store of Dreams” ( 30 cm x 25 cm )

Short information about the author:

I am 21 years old and photography is my passion. I am not a talented painter, I can only see the world through the eye of camera. It fascinates me, therefore I consider studying the art of professional photography. There is no doubt dreams do come true and everything starts with a little something, that is why I want to grasp this opportunity to participate in the competition and to introduce my photographs to others, to give joy, to give hope and to make people think of what they are blessed with and why it is worth living.

Short information about the work:

When at store, we can only buy what we can afford, depending on how much we have. But when at the Store of Dreams, everything is affordable — all you dream of, all you want to get, hope, joy, or anything else you desire. Just let your imagination fly and pay attention to your feelings and emotions instead of material values. Who needs them, while you can live?