Maija Lāce “Autumn Stars” (70 x 60 cm)

Short information about the author:

The author of the painting works at the Communications Department of the State Chancellery and her previous professional experience include working at the Ministry of Defence, a school and a museum.
Five years ago she made her dream come true: she started taking painting classes.
She has been affected by cancer. With her painting, she wishes to brighten up oncology patients’ day and lift their spirits.

Short information about work:

Serenely and joyfully, the sun is glistening on autumn leaves.
Suddenly, gusts of four winds dash in and swiftly tousle the leaves spinning them around in big whirlwinds.
The same thing happens in life. One moment, we are riding the wave, and the next — we are struggling at the depth of the ocean. But autumn stars always shine into our souls and bring us out from the darkness to the path of light.