Līva Pakalne “I <3 U pill" ( 40 cm x 50 cm ) Short information about the author: The author was born in Sigulda in 1982. For 17 years already, she has been living and painting in Italy. She has been taking part in exhibitions and solo shows regularly since 2003. The author uses oil painting techniques, and her detailed works remind of classicism and baroque while including contemporary sociological elements in the paintings. Short information about the work: A girl holds a pill with metaphorical meaning in her hand, as its formula has been borrowed from a popular code used on the Internet to express one’s love using several symbols. This is where the concept is born that includes the art and message to the generation of the 21st century: medicine is an element thanks to which the quality and quantity of our lives have improved so significantly over the last century. Nevertheless, we are still not ready to admit it generally and therefore it is the moral obligation of artists to address the society through painting that is not brutal and direct but that makes people wonder about topics that are common on one hand and and on the other hand are controversial.