Laima Steika “River” (120 x 120 cm)

Short information about the author:

The artist has studied painting at the Art Academy of Latvia, receiving her Master’s degree in 2016. Since then the artist has had few solo exhibitions, held in Kuldīga, Rīga, Stirniene and Varakļāni (Latvia). The author has also taken part in a few group exhibitions in Jūrmala (Latvia).

Short information about the artwork:

The author believes that a painting can not only allow the viewer to think in another direction, but most importantly – gives an opportunity to feel – the colour, the texture of the painting can give the viewer a boost of energy they need.
The painting is abstract. It is made by combining the texture of the surface (made while priming the canvas) and the natural flow of the watercolour. The experience of viewing the painting is similar to watching the clouds or water, when the thoughts flow free and often go beneath the surface of the visible reality.