Ingūna Liepa “Choices” (120 cm x 140 cm)

Brief information on the artwork:

The painting is linked to the water theme. The author believes that water relaxes, heals, and inspires. Very clearly water lets us understand that the world in us and around us constantly flows and changes. Today nothing is the same as it was yesterday and how it will be tomorrow. We are able to determine our future, affect these changes for the better.
Author says: “Positive thoughts and joy of living have a great healing power.
I hope that oncology patients will like my paintings, which might help them regain the joy of living and recover health!”

About the artist:

She was born in 1965, and currently lives in Daugavpils. She is the lecturer at Institute of Art Sciences of Daugavpils University where she teaches drawing and painting in programmes for bachelors and masters of art.