Aivis Pīzelis “Believe the impossible and fly” (90 x 60 cm)

Brief information on the artwork:

Oil and pastel, 60 x 90 cm
The artist has used sunny and optimistic colours. The painting shows penguins, which cannot fly, but their wings are in the shape of paddles. These wings inspire us to believe the impossible and fly.

About the artist:

The artist was born in 1988 in Preiļi. He received a master’s degree from the Department of Painting at the Latvian Academy of Arts in 2015. He has been taking part in workshops and exhibitions with other artists since 2007. He has also held solo exhibitions in Rēzekne, Jasmuiža, Daugavpils, Jēkabpils, Preiļi, Varakļāni, Rīga and other cities.