Jelena Lukina “Girl with lilac”

Short information about author:

The paintings can be found in private collections
in UK, France, US, Italy, India,
Hong Kong, Russia and Latvia.

International exhibitions:
2014 My World international exhibition, Prague, Czech Republic.
2015 ArtExpoSpb international exhibition, Saint Petersburg, Russia.
2016 ‘MY ITALY’ ITALIART exhibition, Clean Ponds, Moscow.
Spring 2016 Russian Art Week winner, 2nd place for the painting ‘Taste of Pomegranate’
in the ‘Conceptual painting’ category, Moscow, Russia
2016 Rotterdam Art Fair winner, 2nd place (ArtsCouncilLatvia),
De Laurenskerk, Rotterdam, Netherlands.
2015 EthnoArtFest international festival competition, London.
Spring 2017 Russian Art Week winner, 2nd place for the painting ‘Frothy Wave’
Avant-garde art international competition, Expressionism category, Moscow, Russia
2017 ITALIART, VOX ANIMAE: Art a Voice of the Soul exhibition, Ambrosianeum Milano – via delle ore 3, Milan, Italy.
2017 Art Week in France ‘Visiting Pierre Cardin’, Lacoste, France
2017 ITALIART winner, 3rd place in CONCORSO D’ARTE MIA ITALIA 2017
MY ITALY, Moscow House of Artists at the Kuznetskiy Bridge.

Short information about work:

Author: ‘Art for me is not only a way to express myself,
but also a source of joy and love.

Price: 600 EUR