On behalf of Aina Muceniece Virotherapy Foundation, we would like to express our gratitude to each artist for their participation in the Art Contest. We would like to inform you that the competition is over now.
Please write us privately to info@virotherapyfoundation.org about returning your artwork.
We wish all artists to continue to create art, that can delight and inspire all the people around us every day!


1. The goal of the competition
The goal of the competition is to support oncology patients and their relatives and to find new, interesting, and attractive artworks and artists that are able to improve the sense of well-being of patients and to boost their resistance to the disease. We are looking for new artworks and artists with an interesting and powerful message that corresponds with the topic of the competition.

2. Organiser of the competition
Aina Muceniece Virotherapy Foundation
Registration No. 40008259566
Platones iela 119, Jelgava, LV-3008
Phone: +371 67809861

3. Participants of the competition
It is an open and international competition.
Professional artists, emerging artists or enthusiasts are welcome to participate in the competition with their newly created artworks, without any age, professional, educational or other limitations.

4. Application and submission of artworks
A person submitting an artwork must be the author and owner of the artwork. The applicant must hold all proprietary rights and copyrights to the artwork.
In the event of minor artists, a written consent by their legal guardian is required.
The artworks can be entered in the competition at any time.
The applicant has to first apply for submission of the artwork electronically by sending a photo of the artwork with a short, informal description of the author and the artwork via e-mail: art@virotherapyfoundation.org,
or apply the artwork at the website: virotherapyfoundation.org/en/art/apply-work.
Photos of the artwork have to depict the work genuinely.
If the artwork is approved for submission, the organiser of the competition invites the applicant to submit the original artwork delivering it in person to the Virotherapy Foundation or sending it via post. The organiser of the competition may agree on a different means and place of delivery upon special request by the applicant.

The artwork is considered to be submitted only when it has been physically delivered to the organiser’s premises or at the location agreed with the organiser.
If the artwork cannot be delivered and installed in the premises of the organiser, the applicant has to take care of permanent placement and exhibiting of the artwork in a location where it can be viewed by the public and accessible for evaluation.
Along with the submission of the artwork, the author has to submit a description of himself/herself and the artwork that will be added to the artwork when exhibited or published at the competitions website.
The submitted artwork has to be the same artwork that was depicted in the photos sent previously.

5. Format the artwork
The artwork has to be a newly created artwork that is not larger than 200cm x 200cm, if it is intended to be hanged on the wall, or 200cm x 150cm x 150cm for sculptures. The above are maximum permissible dimensions, and not recommended dimensions. Any artwork, even if consisting of several parts (as diptychs or triptychs), has to comply with the above dimensions. Other dimensions will be considered upon a special request.

Artworks can be submitted in the following techniques:
Painting, graphic art, sculpture, photo, video, computer graphic, graffiti and other contemporary art techniques and forms not listed here.

Compositions can be submitted in the format the author deems appropriate, in line with the goal of the competition that a newly created composition should invite comfort and positive emotions in patients.

For the compositions submitted in video format, the author can choose the most suitable format and execution that would contribute to achievement of the goal of the competition, as the author deems appropriate.

Poetry and prose works can be submitted in the form the author considers to be the most suitable, in compliance with the principle that the work has to support and motivate oncology patients fighting the disease.

6. The jury

The Virotherapy Foundation is entitled to establish evaluation committee that consists of 5 to 100 members.
The jury of the competition is as follows:
Aleksejs Naumovs, Professor of the Art Academy of Latvia and painter,
Ojārs Spārītis, President of the Latvian Academy of Sciences, Professor,
Māra Lāce, Director of the Latvian National Museum of Art,
Kristaps Zariņš, Rector of the Art Academy of Latvia, Professor and painter,
Gļebs Panteļejevs, Professor in the Art Academy of Latvia, sculptor,
Sanita Ciganovska, art therapist.

The Virotherapy Foundation reserves the right to change the composition of the jury by publishing a relevant announcement on the competition’s website.

7. Evaluation procedure
The jury shall meet for evaluation of the submitted artworks on a monthly basis.
The jury takes decisions by voting. In case of equal distribution of votes the vote of the Chairman is decisive.
Every month the Virotherapy Foundation will select one or several incentive bonuses amounting to 200 euros to award the most interesting, touching or unusual artwork from the newly submitted ones.
All the granted bonuses will be announced publicly.

Once a year the Virotherapy Foundation will select three artworks to grant the main awards:
The first award: 4,000 euros
The second award: 2,000 euros
The third award: 1,000 euros
The organiser reserves the right not to select anyone or skip any of the awards or bonuses, if valid reason exists. The organiser can also grant special recognition awards.

8. Copyright
When entering the artwork in the competition, the author grants irrevocable, territorially unrestricted, non-exclusive copyright to the artwork to the Virotherapy Foundation, without any fees, including the rights:
1) to exhibit the artwork;
2) to use the artwork when advertising the competition, promoting the Virotherapy Foundation and/or the competition, and in any hand-outs;
3) to publish the artwork;
4) to distribute the artwork;
5) to duplicate the artwork;
6) to reproduce the artwork.
The above rights are provided to the Virotherapy Foundation for entire period during which the artwork is protected pursuant to the Copyright Law.

The author acknowledges and guarantees that he/she owns all the rights granted to the organiser and there are no limitations restricting its use.
The author confirms and guarantees that the artwork is his/her original artwork and the author has not intentionally breached the intellectual property rights of other persons when creating the artwork. The author is held liable towards every third party, if his/her artwork breaches the intellectual property rights of these third parties.
The organiser is not responsible for damages caused to third parties due to publication of the artwork entered in the competition for the purposes of the competition.
The author retains personal copyrights of an author, including authorship, as well as ownership of the artwork.
If, with the author’s permission, the artwork is sold, the ownership rights to the artwork are transferred to the buyer.

9. Miscellaneous
The submitted artwork shall remain at the organiser’s possession for at least one year, during which it will be exhibited and evaluated. During that time the author can take the artwork back in the following cases only.
The author is entitled to withdraw his/her artwork from the competition and take it back any time.
Occasional and temporary removal (or substitution) of the artwork without withdrawing it from the competition, if necessary for a temporary participation in other exhibitions, is acceptable and allowed upon agreement with the organiser of the competition.
One year after the submission of the artwork, the authors are entitled to receive their artwork back either in person or by covering the postal costs. The authors are obliged to take their artwork back not later than within three months after receipt of an invitation from the organiser of the competition.
The Virotherapy Foundation assumes no responsibility for actual or possible damages or losses caused to the artwork or the author.
The Virotherapy Foundation recommends the authors to insure their artwork properly against any risks or losses that might arise due to participation at the competition.
If any awards are granted to the author, the author is subject to payment of income tax pursuant to the laws of his/her country of residence.

The author, when submitting the work for the competition, can agree with the organiser on repossession of the work, providing that part of the funds are donated to charity.

If the work, upon agreement of the author, is sold, ownership rights for the work are transferred to the buyer.