Award for contribution to the development of virotherapy served to “Climb for Cancer” participants from Russia and Ukraine December 5, 2017

On the first working day of December, “Climb for Cancer” participants Kristina Jakovenko from Ukraine and Zoja Sokolova from Russia came to visit the Virotherapy Foundation. This summer both women, together with six other oncology patients took part in the “Climb for Cancer” expedition in Alps where they climbed mountains and even considered attempting Mont Blanc.

They received the award honouring their courage to take up the challenge to climb mountains in order to inspire and support other cancer patients all around the world.

After receiving the award, both women signed an open thank you letter to Aina Mucenience. Both patients have used virotherapy as their treatment. Kristina was diagnosed with stage 4 melanoma five years ago, whereas Zoja was diagnosed with sarcoma six years ago. For both of them, the treatment has been successful and they have proven that cancer is not a death sentence.

Last month, four more “Climb for Cancer” participants were served awards for their contribution to the development of virotherapy.