Khrystyna Yakovenko

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Virotherapy… For 40 years of my life, I had never heard of this word and had never been interested in medicine before. I was a usual young woman, worked, did business, and raised my children. The diagnosis “melanoma of the skin of the back, stage 4” sounded like a bolt from the blue – it was a verdict…

The world around me collapsed, nothing else mattered. There was only one thing in my head – I must survive at any cost!!! It is not possible that this is the end! There should be a chance always! I started looking for it. I studied all popular scientific medical literature, read forums – I was looking for the answer, I had to understand what was happening to me and what to do, what my body was encountering and what influenced them. Somebody’s positive experience was important for me.

However, the future looked unpromising – it is not treated anywhere in the world… I was rejected by leading clinics to which I applied – at that stage there were no chances to treat the disease… But why? I was ready to fight, I would have agreed with any clinical researches and methods! By that moment I had already felt the results of the palliative chemotherapy, which was accepted by me when I didn’t understand what was happening. And at that moment I realised everything… I literally felt I was dying.

It was terrifying, really frightful! (I had undergone the necessary check-ups by myself, I saw and understood everything. But I didn’t want to accept and believe it! It is the 21st century outside, high technologies and so on! The scientific progress occasionally should cross the border of understanding. And medicine can do miracles! So, is there really no drug or doctors who would have a desire and could treat the disease? They should start with the wish at least! I was looking for my chance and didn’t give up! I checked different methods one by one – and I understood that it was all wrong! And the time was ticking… Although, no, for me it had stopped.

I managed to understand everything in a very short time. Other people spend years for this. And some physicians – their whole life. When I first heard the word “virotherapy” – I started to study. When I heard about Riga virus – I understood everything immediately! Everything became clear! This is it! The thing that I had been looking for! I felt it with all my spinal cord that it was the drug I needed. I needed it! I knew it would help me! I cannot fail! I couldn’t believe my eyes! There it was – the magic drug, not even of the 21st but of the 22nd century! Why hadn’t doctors told me about it? Why didn’t they even advise to try it? There were no better thing, there is no better thing and there cannot be any better thing ever!

It was just so easy and great! I was ready to crawl there just to get it! However, doctors weren’t so optimistic. Yes, Riga virus does treat, but it is not a panacea… It cannot help everyone, every time and at any stage. But it can treat! It really can treat!!! I remember when I took a flask in my hands  – a small bottle with a frozen liquid inside… and there was so little of it there! And I had so many metastases! I held it in my hands and said that I believed in it, that it would work and I would help it work. We would fight together and we would see who would win. It was just a happiness to inject it! Although, everybody refused to inject because of fear of an unknown drug. At that moment, when the chemotherapy was killing me and just speeding up the progress of the disease, Riga virus helped me to get back on my feet! By that time I was so powerless and weak, I had been in bed for 3 days I couldn’t get up. I even didn’t want to get up, eat, go somewhere and do something. I was just lying there. With my diagnosis and stage 4, I hadn’t even dreamed to get such a treatment!

I couldn’t believe that it was so easy! Nobody believed! Neither the nurses who did injections, nor those who knew about it!

But I didn’t care! I believed because I felt how it worked! It really worked, I just felt better with every time. A drug with no side-effects, it doesn’t harm the body, doesn’t kill the immune system! It finds and destroys the affected cells and leaves the body. It is a fantastic idea! To find and teach a virus, which is absolutely safe for a human being, which is in the bowels of healthy children! To create a drug, which, in fact, you can use for treatment by yourself, even being on an isolated island far, far from your doctor. It isn’t necessary to stay at hospitals, see desperation, tortures and death all around… Endless traumatic procedures and surgeries aren’t necessary… I see how people suffer from getting the chemotherapy and radiotherapy, how they are cut into pieces removing more and more affected parts, how they recover for a long time just until the next time when everything will be repeated and so it goes on until the end… I see how their relatives and loved ones suffer next to them – because it isn’t possible to look at the agonies without being able to help. I don’t understand, how come it all happens, when they know that the drug exists but consider it as an “alternative” drug… And when the understanding comes – sometimes it is too late!

Unfortunately, chemotherapy is a huge, well established business generating huge profit… And life of patients is a something meaningless, there is no responsibility – every time they can say “it is just diagnosis like this”, it cannot be treated, what did you expect? But before chemotherapy, they say with a smart looks and sympathy that “we will do everything we can…” People! Turn on your brain and don’t believe these doctors! None of them is interested in your treatment! Have they pres
cribed this drug to their patients? Have they ever advised anybody to use this method? I don’t think so.

Sink or swim! The problem is that melanoma, in particular, gives no right to fail! There is no time to hear out everybody and try different methods. You need time to get on a departing train. People have to understand that there are no untreatable diseases, there are doctors who don’t want or cannot treat. I don’t even know what is worse. And time is lost. But when they understand – and sooner or later they will understand  – Riga virus will be sold around the world, at every pharmacy by prescription. With Riga virus people will not even realise what happens to them and what they treat. It is easier than treating a cold! One injection from time to time according to plan and you are a normal ordinary person managing your own life. The most traumatic and unpleasant thing during the whole treatment is the blood test taken from a vein and a computer tomography with a contrast. Injections are a pleasure and source of energy! And even when at the first stages we changed the plan, injected into hypodermic metastasis, “catch” in the lymph – doctors controlled all the process!

It is the age of high technologies, it takes just seconds to contact your doctor to control and coordinate everything. Patients should just trust. The only important thing is that there shouldn’t be any stress, depression and apathy! In a depressed condition the immune system won’t be able to work and help. You have to believe in your strength. You possess large hidden reserves, if they aren’t destroyed by a wrong treatment and endless surgeries. That what surgeries usualy remove, for example, enlarged lymph nodes or hypodermic matastases, was removed for me by Riga virus, both the number and size of metastases, and some even disappeared completely! And the remaining ones have been capsulated and don’t influence the body. Just the tissue, so to speak, has cicatrised like after a surgery. Nobody can believe that such things are possible! But they happen.

I am not the only one patient, just the majority of patients are happy that they have survived and want to forget it all like a bad dream…. I want to help others with my example, and my advice. I have never thought before that there are so many people diagnosed with cancer. It is terrifying – everywhere, in every country, young and old ones. This is kind of a plague of our time. There is one step from a banal birthmark to melanoma, and nobody is protected from anything. It has to be understood and take your health more seriously. And if, God forbid, something comes up – you should know that for several decades there is a drug that can really cure!!! I sincerely wish health and doctors like mine to everybody.