We have already announced that in the end of July 2017 the event “Climb For Cancer” in the European Alps will be organised to support oncology patients.

We would like to introduce the instructors who will help us to reach the top of Mont Blanc – Kristaps Liepiņš and Kristīne Liepiņa.

Kristaps Liepiņš is a mountain climber with 35 years experience climbing in different mountains of the world. He has been instructor for more than 15 years (he has worked with military units, in the training programme “Mountain Group” and with different people in the mountains of the world), he studied at the French School of Alpinism in Chamonix (French Federation of Mountain and Climbing).

Kristīne Liepiņa is a mountain climber with five years’ experience climbing in different mountains of the world, she has climbed the world’s highest volcano Ojos del Salado (6,893 m), several peaks of the Alps, including Matterhorn and Mont Blanc (four times), she has climbed over 5,000 m high peaks in the Fann Mountains in Tajikistan, as well as in Nepal, Mexico and Peru. She has accomplished several high difficulty routes in Kyrgyzstan mountains and Oman (experience in two more than 1,000 m high rock wall routes on the Jebel Misht wall), she is also involved in the alpinism training programme provided by “Mountain Group” as assistant instructor.