Organiser of the competition (Virotherapy Foundation) –
Aina Muceniece Virotherapy Foundation
Unified registration No. 40008259566
Pulkveža Brieža iela 15 – 11, Riga, LV-1010
Phone: +371 67809861

Author – a person who enters his/her work (hereinafter – the Work) in the competition organised by the Foundation via e-mail: art@virotherapyfoundation.org or via website of the art competition: virotherapyfoundation.org/en/art. Minor authors are represented by their legal guardian.

Author’s contract – a contract, containing these Terms of Use, concluded between the Author and the Virotherapy Foundation. The contract is concluded when the Author accepts these Terms of Use.

1. Author’s acknowledgements
1.1 The Author acknowledges that he/she is the author and the owner of the Work entered in the competition.
1.2 The Author acknowledges that he/she holds all proprietary rights and copyrights to the Work.
1.3 The Author confirms and guarantees that the Work is his/her original work and the Author has not intentionally breached the intellectual property rights of other persons when creating the Work. The Author is held liable towards every third party, if his/her Work breaches the intellectual property rights of these third parties.
1.4 The Author acknowledges and guarantees that he/she owns all the rights granted to the Foundation with this Contract and there are no limitations restricting their use.
1.5 The Author confirms that by entering the Work in this competition he/she has read and accepted the Terms of Use of Author’s Work.

2. Submission of the Work
2.1 The Author undertakes to submit his/her Work to the Virotherapy Foundation upon the Foundation’s request either delivering it in person or sending via post to the location specified by the Virotherapy Foundation. If the Work cannot be delivered and installed in the premises of the organiser of the competition, the applicant has to take care of permanent placement and exhibiting of the Work in a location where it can be viewed by the public and accessible for evaluation.
2.2 Along with submission of the Work, the Author has to submit a description of himself/herself and the Work that will be added to the Work when exhibited or published at the competitions website.

3. Copyright
3.1 When entering the Work in the competition, the Author grants irrevocable, territorially unrestricted, non-exclusive economical rights to the Work to the Virotherapy Foundation, without any fees, including the rights:
1) to exhibit the Work;
2) to use the Work when advertising the competition, promoting the Virotherapy Foundation and/or the competition, and in any hand-outs;
3) to publish the Work;
4) to distribute the Work,
5) to duplicate the Work,
6) to reproduce the Work;
The above rights are provided to the Virotherapy Foundation for entire period during which the Work is protected pursuant to the Copyright Law.
3.2 The Virotherapy Foundation is not responsible for damages caused to third parties due to publication of the Work entered in the competition for the purposes of the competition.
3.3 The Author retains personal copyrights of an author, including authorship, as well as ownership of the Work.
3.4 If, with the Author’s permission, the Work is sold, the ownership rights to the Work are transferred to the buyer.

4. Miscellaneous
4.1 The Author agrees that the Work, submitted by the Author, remains physically in the Virotherapy Foundation’s possession for at least one year, during which it will be exhibited and evaluated. During that time the Author can take the Work back only in the following cases.
4.1.1 The Author is entitled to withdraw from the competition and take his/her Work back any time.
4.1.2 With the organiser’s permission, the Author is entitled to take the Work back occasionally and temporally without withdrawing from the competition, if it is necessary for a temporary participation at other exhibitions.

4.2 One year after the submission of the Work, the Author is entitled to take his/her Work back either in person or by covering the postal costs. The Author has to take his/her Work back from the Virotherapy Foundation not later than within three months after expiration of one year term, unless otherwise agreed with the Virotherapy Foundation.
4.3 The Virotherapy Foundation assumes no responsibility for actual or possible damages or losses caused to the Work or to the Author. The Author is entitled to insure his/her Work against any risks or losses that might arise from the participation at the competition.
4.4 The Author is aware that, if any awards are granted to him/her during the competition, the Author is subject to the payment of income tax pursuant to the laws and regulations of his/her country of residence.
4.5 All rights and obligations of the Virotherapy Foundation and the Author, arising from the Author’s contract are governed by the laws and regulations of the Republic of Latvia. All disputes related to this Author’s contract are solved by the court of the Republic of Latvia.